Kyosho Fazer Rage 2.0 Review

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Kyosho have a lot to offer in the world of RC and this is another smashing contribution. The Kyosho Fazer Rage 2.0 is the updated version of the successful 4WD buggy. Let’s dive in and take a look to see if this latest offering is better than its predecessor and how well it performs straight out of the box.

At A Glance

  • Cool design with neon accents
  • Powerful brushed stock motor
  • Nylon chassis
  • A 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver is included
  • 4WD with a slipper clutch
  • No battery included

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

When you receive the Kyosho Fazer Rage 2.0 just like other Kyosho products, it will come in the usual white box covered in graphics of the buggy and its key features. This buggy arrives ‘ready-to-run’ which implies that it comes with everything you need to get it going, straight out of the box, besides the usual need of batteries for the receiver. However, this isn’t quite right as the kit doesn’t include a battery for the chassis.

Included in the box is the buggy itself, the receiver, a set of Allen keys for maintaining/repairing, the instruction manual and some spare parts.

What Battery To Get?

As mentioned the Kyosho Rage 2.0 doesn’t come equipped with a battery for the chassis of the buggy. As with most cars you have the option to install either a NiMH or a LiPo battery pack. It is worth noting that the ESC for the Rage 2.0 comes pre-set for LiPo batteries which may suggest that this is what they intended to run the buggy with. It is fitted with a deans style t-connector, keep that in mind when selecting your cell.

We chose the Overlander 4000mAh 11.1v LiPo battery which provided insane performance. This supplied that stock brushed motor with the raw power it requires to unleash its full potential.

To charge this battery we went with the simple but effective Overlander RC3 LiPo charger. This will charge the 4000mAh 3S LiPo Overlander battery in approximately 3 hours from flat.

On the other hand, if you want to opt for a NiMh battery then you could go for the Overlander 3300 mah NiMH battery which has a dean’s style connector compatible with the ESC. This cell won’t provide as much power as the LiPo option, so you will experience reduced performance. Note that you will also need to change the battery jumper on the receiver to set it for NiMH mode.

What Is Underneath That Shell?

Underneath the simple but robust plastic shell is a chassis of basic but effective design. The chassis is made of a lightweight impact-resistant nylon composite which is really durable. It does scuff quite easily while driving off-road but it protects really well which is essential for a car with this speed.

Inside of this new chassis is a 60A Kyosho Speed House ESC powering a G14L brushed motor hooked up to a 4WD transmission with a slipper clutch, to protect the drive system from those harsh landings and keep the traction.

Car Features

The stock suspension on the Rage 2.0 is an upgraded oil shock setup. These have undergone a re-design to bring in big bore oil shocks that make sure you have plenty of dampening to power over rough surfaces whilst providing light handling and good control. We found that the amount of travel was quite spectacular and essential when driving off-road, they really soaked up whatever we threw at them.

The stock motor on the Kyosho Fazer Rage 2.0 is a Kyosho G14L Brushed motor. There is little to no detail given about this motor and it looks completely normal. But when you connect this to a LiPo battery it really kicks out some power. This buggy is a wild beast, it wants to drift and slide all day long whilst still being able to go in a straight line which makes for a brilliantly fun drive.

That Kyosho Speed House ESC has the product code KA060-91W. Looking deeper into the spec for this unit, it is clearly designed to take a lot of power giving you the headroom to upgrade the motor if you desire.

The Transmitter and Receiver

The Transmitter and Receiver included is the Syncro KT-231P+ . This system provided plenty of range for us which is essential with such a fast car because you can gain distance rather quickly. You have the usual adjustment of driving features from the transmitter.

The build quality feels solid, although a little brittle, so be careful not to drop it. The steering wheel is padded with foam to make your driving experience comfier. Whilst the stem of the controller is partly a grippy plastic material which is comfy enough.

We Took It On To The Loose Stuff…

This is a 4WD buggy named ‘Rage 2.0’ so we thought it was only appropriate to take it onto some dirt. There were craters for potholes, dirt everywhere and the Rage 2.0 handled it effortlessly. We actually had to turn the throttle down a bit on the transmitter because otherwise it was a little too volatile and liked to flip when you pulled a hard left or right. It performed really well, the tyres providing excellent grip but the power will allow you to slide it around. The suspension absorbs anything you throw at it, the motor is constantly ripping up the ground beneath it whilst the slipper clutch protected the transmission.

How Good Is The Steering And Traction?

The tyres paired with the oil shock suspension provide an excellent steering platform, with that powerful motor it does really well. The traction is pretty good but you do slide around a lot no matter what surface you are on. Also, if you take a hard turn at max speed then the buggy will unquestionably do a flip, so perhaps the suspension could be redesigned to stop the weight shift being so sudden. Other than that, the drive is amazing.

What We Like:

  • Incredible speed from the stock brushed motor
  • Good build quality
  • Modern and simplistic design
  • The range of the receiver and transmitter is strong
  • Great suspension

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is sold as ‘ready-to-run’ but in reality, it isn’t quite
  • The grip isn’t the best, especially on-road

Conclusion – Should you buy it?

The answer is yes. The Kyosho Fazer Rage 2.0 is incredible. It provides a fun driving experience whilst also being a challenge to keep under control. It is a good size and has great speed so it would make an ideal addition to any RC Line up, or even a first but solid dabble in the RC World. That being said, it probably isn’t ideal for younger enthusiasts as it is quite hard to keep under control.

Where can I buy it?

Keep an eye on our webstore as the Kyosho Fazer Rage 2.0 will soon be available in both Neon Orange and Neon green colour schemes. As usual, if you have any questions regarding this product then please do comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can check out our other reviews of Kyosho products here on our blog.



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