Ken Block Micro RS4: First Impressions

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Having worked around RC cars for a while, I decided it was about time I went ahead and bought one of my own. The HPI Ken Block Micro RS4 is an excellent starting point.


The first thing that drew me to this particular RC car was the sweet body shell design. That alone had me sold, but I did a bit more research anyway. What I found was one of the coolest RC drift videos I had ever seen. The crew over at HPI racing had built a course in a warehouse to fully show off the potential of the Ken Block Micro RS4. With the intricate maneuvers and insane footage, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

With that video in mind, the car is clearly best suited for driving on smooth, flat surfaces, or for indoor use. The stock tyres are grippy rubber, but I swapped them out for some old drift wheels we had lying around the office. Now my car is perfect for drifting around tables! I just need to work on my driving skills…

Retailing at £119.00, the Ken Block Micro RS4 is great value for something that drives just like a larger RC car, has everything included, and is ready to use right out of the box.




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