Inpsire 1 Charging Hub and Sun Shields

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DJI have announced the release of some very sought after, high in demand accessories. The Inspire 1 charging hub and Sun shield’s compatible with both the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 controllers.

You can order the Charging Hub, the smartphone sun shield and the tablet sun shield here on our website.

Battery Charging Hub

hub-blog-2The Battery charging hub is as small and as simple to use as it looks. Simply plug your Inspire 1 charger into the hub and charge up to four Inspire 1 batteries at a time!

When used, the charging hub automatically selects the individual battery with the highest amount of remaining power, and charges it until full before moving on to the next battery. The entire process is monitored and each battery’s status is shown using LED indicators.
The Charging Hub is compatible with both types of Inspire battery, the TB47 and the TB48. It is also compatible with both chargers DJI currently offer, the 100W and the 180W.

The charging times are as follows:



Sun Shield for Tablets and Smartphones

shield-1DJI’s own collapsible sun shield hood, designed to stop sunlight from reflecting brightly off the view of your display. There are two seperate models, one for Smartphones and one for Tablets. Both are compatible with the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 transmitters.

This lightweight collapsible hood will help shield even the brightest screens on a sunny day.



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