Immersion RC Vortex Quick Setup Guide

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Vortex Setup Plugging in the FrSky D4R II Receiver

… And we do mean quick.

The Immersion RC Vortex is by far the easiest FPV Racer we have ever setup providing you have the correct equipment. Unlike many FPV Racers on the market which would usually take a S-Bus signal, the Vortex uses CPPM so you will require a CPPM enabled receiver system such as the excellent FrSky D4R II. The other option would be to purchase a S-Bus to CPPM cable available here.

We opted to use the FrSky D4R II receiver with our FrSky Taranis X9D, as the small size and built in CPPM mode is a perfect match for the Vortex.

We have also written a ImmersionRC Vortex unboxing blog.


Immersion RC Vortex Setup Programming the Transmitter 1

The first thing we need to do is to bind the D4R II receiver to the Taranis transmitter. We do this by powering on the Taranis and going into the “Model Setup” menu.

Immersion RC Vortex Setup Programming the Transmitter 2

Scroll down the menu until you see “Mode” under “External RF” and change this to “PPM”. The transmitter is now ready to bind with the receiver.

Immersion RC Vortex Setup Plugging in the FrSky D4R II Receiver

You will need to connect the receiver to the aircraft using the receiver cable on the Vortex.

Immersion RC Vortex Setup Binding the FrSky D4R II Receiver

Using something sharp, such as the end of a ball point pen, you will need to hold down the bind button on the FrSky D4R II receiver and plug in the battery. Release the bind button and you should see a solid green LED meaning the binding was successful.


The unique thing about the Vortex is that all the calibration is done through the OSD via the 5.8Ghz video downlink, so you will require either a FPV monitor or goggles that can operate on Band F. We used our trusty Flysight Black Pearl Monitor for this.

Immersion RC Vortex Setup On Screen Wizard

Powering on the Vortex and the Black Pearl for the first time will trigger the TX Setup Wizard. Follow the very simple on screen instructions and you should eventually see the following screen…

Immersion RC Vortex Setup Complete

.. And that’s it, the Vortex is now ready to fly. Simply pull the left stick down and right to activate the motors and get ready for the first flight!

You can find more information about the Immersion RC Vortex on our product page here.

Spare parts for the Vortex are available here



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