HPI Racing Formula Q32 Mini Racer

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Formula Q32 Racing Cars

Following the huge success of the Q32 Baja Buggy, HPI are back with the Formula Q32 racer. These small 1/32nd scale rear wheel drive cars are designed for indoor use, ideal for tearing around the home or office. In this blog we take a look at the model, its spec plus its potential for tuning and customisation.

Formula Q32 Cars

Formula Q32 : Fantastic ready-to-run fun!

Formula Q32 Cars in pitbox

The 1/32 scale 2WD racer features a brushed motor and proportional ‘Real Steer’ steering system. The car is charged via a plug and play lead from the 2.4Ghz transmitter. The cars themselves are really small measuring 110mm by 75mm with a 82mm wheelbase; Their 44mm tall bodies having an almost caricature appearance.

Formula Q32

The package includes the car, the HPI TF-60 pistol style transmitter, charge lead and track marker dots. All you need are four AA batteries to power the transmitter. At such a low price point, they are an ideal first RC toy whilst also an ideal gift for any Formula 1 fan. You can see it in action at the 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair below :

Two great liveries

The Formula Q32 is available in two different bodies painted and pre-cut (with a protective film layer), leaving you to apply the supplied stickers. Both liveries are clearly a nod to classic Formula One cars from the past, so excuse me nerding out a little.

Formula Q32 Body and Stickers

Firstly the Red (and White) edition (#116710) which in our opinion is an homage to one of the most famous liveries of all time, applied to the Marlboro Mclaren Honda MP4/4’s. Team mates Alain Prost and the late Aryton Senna battled each other for the 1988 Formula one world championship (and as a result secured the constructors championship) in a car with a very similar livery. Grab a pair of these to relive those battles!

Formula Q32 Red and White

Secondly the Blue (Yellow and White) edition (#116706) most likely a take on the technological marvel that was the Canon Williams Renault FW15C. In the hands of Alain Prost this car went on to win the  both the 1993 Formula One World Championship and Constructors Championship. His teammate, British F1 champion Damon Hill also drove his first full Formula One season in this chassis,  winning three straight races.

Formula Q32 Blue and Yellow

1993 Williams FW15C formula one f-1 race racing fs

Customise your own Formula Q32 shell

Formula Q32 clear body

If neither of these do it for you, HPI also offer a clear body for your own designs. The kit comes with a Lexan body, wing and a set of generic stickers. We have a large range of Tamiya PS paints suitable for the application, so you are only a set of stickers away from mimicking any of the current F1 grid!

Build your own update package

Formula Q32 Update Package

You can simulate the mid-season updates with HPI hop up parts.  Swap out tyres for the firm set, fit the high speed gears set and add the bolt-on stability adjustment set.

Other more cosmetic parts are available. The super star 5 spoke wheels from the Q32 Baja are available in a range of finishes, as are the dished wheels from the DT8. Alternatively you could go ‘all out’ to perform a custom mod to improve performance…

Great modification potential

Formula Q32 Chassis Upgrade

The RC community really took to the original Q32 Baja buggy with many modifications posted to the forums, most of which will be suitable for the Forumula Q32 thanks to the shared chassis.

A popular modification was a battery swap using tiny-whoop style batteries to power the car. This sidestepped the charge time of the Q32, allowing the user to swap the battery out. Plus the 200mAh 1S LiPos offered longer run-time and a punch that enabled the cars to wheelie from a standing start!

We also saw some great body mods, re-purposing small scale Tamiya plastic kit bodies mounted over the top for a retro hot-rod look. We intend to cover some Q32 mods in a future blog.

Formula Q32 Spares and repair parts available

Formula Q32 spare parts

HPI are always great when it comes to supporting their models and the Formula Q32 is no different. From the body to the chassis kit, through the steering set, PCD electronic assembly, hardware, wheels and tyres; Even the transmitter itself is available separately! Thus if you do ‘total’ your car we can have it back on its wheels in no time.

Pick up your Formula Q32 today!

Formula Q32 Cars on the finish line

So, do the right thing and order one now! You can find the Red and White model (HPI #116710) here on our webstore, and the Blue, Yellow and White model (HPI #116706) here.

Not feeling the aesthetic? Unsure about the F1 body styling? Why not pick up the original Q32 Baja Buggy or Q32 Trophy Truggy instead? Their clearances make them more suited for clearing cardboard jumps and desk gaps!

RC Geeks : An approved HPI Racing dealer

With years of experience both selling and supporting HPI’s electric range, when it comes to HPI Racing you know you are in safe hands dealing with us.  Take a look at the 600+ listings we have for them alone!

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