HPI’s New Jumpshot MT Monster Truck – A Quick Test

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HPI Jumpshot MT on crest

At the Nürnberg Toy Fair Back in February, HPI announced a new range of ‘Jumpshot’ trucks. The rear-wheel-drive chassis is available in Stadium truck, Short-course and monster truck configurations. The Stadium truck and Short-course versions will be available soon amongst our other model electric cars. Recently we received the Jumpshot MT (Monster Truck edition) and decided to take it out for a spin.

HPI Jumpshot MT with controller

HPI Jumpshot MT with controller

The truck is setup and ready to drive out of the box. Its a chunky, wide tracked car measuring 420mm long by 330mm wide at its extremities.

The Jumpshot MT is supplied with HPI’s TF-11 transmitter, a radio system that communicates (with automatic frequency-hopping) over the 2.4Ghz spectrum to the enclosed receiver box in the chassis. The transmitter is a simple lightweight 2 channel system handset, powered by the four included AA batteries.


Our monster truck edition comes with 2.2inch wheels plus all-terrain tyres and a pickup truck shell. The big wheels are the 12mm wheel-hex type.

HPI Jumpshot MT tyre detail

Under the shell is the sturdy Twin Vertical Plate aluminium chassis, first seen in the Savage XS. Instead of the traditional flat horizontal planes, the truck chassis components are sandwiched between two upright thick metal plates, offering increased strength and rigidity. Its great to see HPI filtering down the high-end design elements to some of the entry-level models.


The Jumpshot MT’s electrics are protected and although the truck is not classified as waterproof, the SC-3SWP2 ESC is.


At the rear the clutch cover is transparent, allowing you to keep an eye on the condition of your gears and the pinion gear meshing.  Note that the threaded (oil filled) shock bodies allow some limited adjustments to be made.


The battery compartment is accessed from the bottom of the chassis, meaning the shell can be left on during battery swaps. The large compartment will accept a 7-cell NMiH stick pack.




Its a purposeful looking beast, but enough of the static photos, time to get it dirty.





Whilst 2S LiPo compatible, the brushed motor isn’t going to set the world on fire. Its quick and responsive but the Jumpshot MT isn’t an out and out speed machine.



And as with any rear-drive model, you spend a bit of time power sliding around on the loose stuff until you get to grips with it.


But when you do, it does live up to its name.



Wound right out, it can certainly catch some air.


And off the right surface, even pop the odd wheelie.




As with any ‘test session’ there were a few mishaps. Despite a good few rolls on tarmac and dirt, the tough body post and shell remained in decent shape.



HPI Jumpshot MT Review

We feel the Jumpshot MT is another winner from HPI, offering great performance and some high-end design at an accessible price point.

Learn more or buy one on our site here. As always RC Geeks supports it’s cars with a full range of HPI Racing spares.




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