How to Update your DJI Phantom 3 Firmware

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DJI have recently uploaded a detailed video on how to update a Phantom 3. Our customer service team have found that updating the firmware on the Phantom 3 is causing the most issues for owners. This video should help guide new pilots, step by step on how to update their Phantom 3.

Which memory card do I use?

Further to the video, you might want to follow these handy points based on our personal experience.

We highly recommend using the Lexar memory card that comes with the Phantom 3 when updating the aircraft. Format the memory card in Windows in FAT32 format before placing the update bin file onto the card. Make sure you do not have any important files on the card as they will be wiped.




Which memory stick shall I use on the transmitter?

We find using a USB 2.0 USB pen drive to update the radio works best. We have had customers reporting that their radio fails to update using an USB 3.0 device, but would update fine when switched to USB 2.0. Make sure the drive is formatted in FAT32 file format as shown above.


Give the Phantom plenty of time to update. Many owners make the mistake of turning the Phantom 3 off before the update sequence starts or during the update as it’s taking too long. The process can take up to 30 minutes and turning off a Phantom 3 during firmware update can brick your Phantom 3.



If you are new to the hobby, we would recommend you to check out our Phantom 3 beginners guide found here on our forum.




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