Feiyu Tech Wearable Gimbal – A Quick Test

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Over the last year Feiyu Tech’s handheld gimbals have been a very popular product in the store. They offer handheld stabilisation for your GoPro at a very reasonable price point. Fans around the world recognising this, constructed their own mounting ‘solutions’ to extend the functionality of the gimbal. Youtube is littered with videos where they have been strapped to huge boom poles or cabled tied to motorcycles.

Wearable gimbal

Perhaps in answer to this Feiyu Tech have recently expand their range with variations in mounting alongside improvements in stabilisation. The Feiyu Tech GoPro Hero Wearable Gimbal is a miniaturized version of the handheld ‘G’ range, retaining the same functionalities as its big brother but moving the batteries into a small base to bring the overall size of the unit down. This unit can then be stuck or (with the supplied 3 prong GoPro mount) mounted to nearly any of the GoPro range of mounts.



The kit comes with 4 rechargable batteries and charger, USB Connector and cable, quick-release clamp (for securing the GoPro), curved adhesive mounts, a gopro t-clamp along with a Video Output And Charging Cable. The whole set fits nicely in the Carbon-look storage case with supplied tools and printed instructions.

Feiyu Tech Wearable Gimbal Mounted on Helmet

The human head and neck is a fantastic stabiliser but one that relies on compensation in your vision. Thus mounting a GoPro to a head-strap doesn’t always bring the smooth video many are expecting. We decided to see what the wearable gimbal could do to improve this. We provided (friend of RC Geeks, and avid cross-country/downhill cyclist) Matt with a vented helmet strap mount, GoPro and wearable gimbal to mount alongside his usual setup of a GoPro and helmet strap.

Feiyu Tech Mounted on Helmet - Side View

Heading out to his local trails at Swinley forest, he shot a series of runs with his friends James and Dhana. If you follow us on Facebook you have probably seen that we sync’d the footage together to produce a short comparison video.

Whilst the mounting solution is not the most elegant, the results speak for themselves. Perhaps it was the slightly higher vantage point, but one viewer commented that it felt like you were flying through the forest.

As per the previous models, the wearable gimbal offers the heading lock mode as well as the heading follow modes. This is switched by the button on the base unit. In testing we found that the battery life of the gimbal was admirable, outlasting the standard Hero 3 battery (although depending on your terrain, your mileage may vary). The only drawback the riders could see was the requirement of running the camera out of its protective case may result in camera damage. As such we would suggest that the GoPro protective lens kit be used in conjunction with the gimbal as a safeguard.

Matt and James Riding Downhill

Thanks to Matt for his help in mounting and filming, as well as the two other cyclist (James and Dhana) for their assistance riding on the earlier trail. Below are a a few more photos of the guys doing their stuff.



Feiyu-tech Wearable Gimbal Review

Overall we are very impressed with how the Feiyu-tech Wearable Gimbal performs. It allowed us to get super-smooth, stablised footage from a perspective that is notoriously shaky. We can see how having a GoPro mount the gimbal will be very versatile and there are a huge amount of mounting possibilities from chest mount, through to head mount, handlebar mount and many more. The Feiyu-tech Wearable gimbal is very easy to use and setup, and has battery life that easily surpasses that of the GoPro Hero 4 Black. This is a great piece of equipment and worth adding to your kit bag.

Feiyu-tech Wearable Gimbal Price and Availability

We have the Feiyu Tech GoPro Hero Wearable gimbal available now, and also a range of camera stablisiers and gimbals in our shop. The Feiyu-tech gimbal is competitively priced at £225 and has a long one-year warranty when brought from RC Geeks.



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