EMAX Nighthawk Pro ARF Unboxing Overview

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The original EMAX Nighthawk 250 kit is our most popular FPV Racer kit by quite a margin and we can understand why. It offered superb performance and value allowing both novice and advanced flyers to enter the world of FPV racing without breaking the bank.

The new EMAX Nighthawk Pro builds upon this successful platform by making it easier to setup, as well as improving on several key components to compete with other high profile ARF FPV racing chassis, such as the TBS Gemini and Lumenier QAV 250.

The Packaging

Nighthawk Pro Box

The Nighthawk Pro comes in a handy, well presented box, which is perfect for storing and transporting the craft around.

Nighthawk Pro Inner Box

Inside the box, we see the instruction manual as well as a cardboard insert which offers protection for the craft.

The Accessories

The Nighthawk Pro being an assembled frame comes complete with a range of different accessories you will need to start flying.

Nighthawk Pro Props

A complete set of 6” props are included, 2 blacks and 2 reds.

Nighthawk Pro Battery Strap

A battery strap and Velcro tape to help secure the battery.

Nighthawk Pro Cables

A large selection of cables to connect your receiver to the Skyline32 flight controller.

Nighthawk Pro Accessories

The last bag of accessories contains a cloverleaf antenna for the onboard FPV transmitter, a Mobius camera mount on rubber dampers, an angled FPV camera mount and a USB cable for setup.

The Craft

Nighthawk Pro-9 Nighthawk Pro-7 Nighthawk Pro-8

The quadcopter felt well-built and sturdy thanks to its carbon fibre construction. We like how every component is integrated into the chassis and with each other, so it works straight out of the box without and compatibility issues.

The Cool Bits

Nighthawk Pro-10

The core of the Nighthawk Pro is the base plate of the chassis which is a large piece of PCB containing the Skyline 32 Flight controller and the BLHeli Oneshot ESC. All the other components such as the motors and FPV gear simply plug straight into this board to reduce weight and clutter.

Nighthawk Pro Motor on Angled Mounts

The customised MT2204 2300KV motors sits on 10 degrees angled mounts to increase acceleration and top speed.

Nighthawk Pro TVL700 FPV Camera

A 700TVL FPV Tuned camera comes preinstalled. This camera gives excellent contrasts and reacts quickly to changing light conditions.Nighthawk Pro 200mw FPV Transmitter

A multiband FPV transmitter is integrated into the frame design. The cool thing about this transmitter is that it can be switched between 20mw and 200mw to keep things legal.

Nighthawk Pro LED Lightbar

EMAX Nighthawk Pro Transmitter Setup

Now we have un-boxed the capable FPV racer, the next stage is to setup the software and bind a transmitter. See our Nighthawk Pro Setup Guide for information on the setup.

EMAX Nighthawk Pro Review

We are impressed with everything that is included with the Nighthawk Pro for around £200. It seems very well built and is great value for money. We will publish a more detailed review when we have tested it in the air.

And finally, our favourite feature of the Nighthawk Pro is the huge LED bar on the rear of the craft. It’s extremely bright and looks amazing, definitely a head turning.

The Nighthawk Pro is an extremely well equipped FPV quad and at £209.00, it can compete easily with FPV racers costing twice that making it a great craft for pretty much anyone who is into FPV racing. They are available now on our webstore with free next day UK delivery



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