DJI Update – Intelligent Flight Modes

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DJI Intelligent Flight Mode POI

DJI have added intelligent flight modes to the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 quadcopters. There has been some anticipation regarding the release of the Phantom 3 Waypoints, which was available on previous Phantoms and it is also now available on the Inspire 1. Other new flight modes feature a Phantom 3 Follow Me mode (not compatible with the Inspire), along with Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 Point-of-Interest and Intelligent Orientation Control.

You will now be able to set waypoints on your Inspire 1 and the aircraft will follow a pre-determined route.

So why have these been released now? With recent product releases from rival companies adding their own version of IOC. The pressure was on DJI to add these features back onto their latest generation products and sure enough, DJI has responded today with the introduction of ‘Intelligent Flight Modes’.

Intelligent Flight Modes

The new Intelligent Flight Modes features 5 modes; Follow Me, Course Lock, Home Lock, Way Points and Point of Interest. The ‘Follow Me’ mode is a Phantom 3 only feature so Inspire 1 users will not have access to it.

Users will need to update their Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 to the latest firmware and download the latest DJI Go App to access these new features. No new hardware is required which is always a bonus.

Follow Me

This is by far the most requested feature from our customers. The ‘Follow Me’ mode allows the Phantom 3 to track it’s radio transmitter and smart device via GPS and follow it from a fixed height and distance. This is a Phantom 3 exclusive feature.

DJI Intelligent Flight Mode Follow Me

Course Lock

An extremely useful feature of the original IOC. This lets the aircraft fly along a set path and will continue down the set course regardless of where the nose is pointing. Great for getting those professional panning shots.

DJI Intelligent Flight Mode Course Lock

Home Lock

The second feature of the original IOC. This lets you control the aircraft relative to the Home Point set, so forward is always heading away from the point and backwards is heading back to the point, no matter which way the aircraft is pointing.

DJI Intelligent Flight Mode Home Lock

Way Points

Way points were available on the original Phantom 2 through a Ground Station hardware upgrade. This added bulk and complexity making it not very popular with Phantom users. The new Way Point system is now built into the DJI Go App allowing pilots to record a set flight path and getting the aircraft to retrace the path, whilst having full control of the camera and speed.

DJI Intelligent Flight Mode Way Points

Point of Interest

Probably the feature we are most looking forward to. The Point of Interest function allows the user to lock onto a specific subject using the camera and have the aircraft circle around it at a user defined distance and height.

DJI Intelligent Flight Mode POI



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