DJI Phantom 4 Pro Unboxing : A first look and the new features

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Christmas is here and the Phantom 4 Pro has arrived! In this blog post we’ll be unboxing DJIs latest aircraft in the Phantom series. We won’t be going too far into detail as the aircraft, controller and packaging looks very similar to the original Phantom 4 (which you can find the unboxing for here) so we will just be highlighting the key differences.

Phantom 4 Pro – New Features

New 1 inch 20MP Camera Sensor

phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison test 1inch sensor

First up is the brand new camera. It’s very similar in term of style and form factor however it is slightly bigger to house the upgraded, 1 inch 20MP sensor.

phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison test cameras

This also means of course that the gimbal holder has had to be enlarged slightly to accommodate the bigger camera and unit.

360 Obstacle Avoidance

phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison test fly away

The rear facing stereoscopic sensors mirror that of the front that are featured on the original Phantom 4.

phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison test infra red sensors

And on the side are the infrared sensors.

5870mah LiPo Battery

phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison test new battery

The upgraded battery is higher capacity but without actually weighing them, they feel identical. With regards to looks though, it’s immediately distinguishable with the battery being a white colour compared to the previous grey metal on the Phantom 4 battery.

Spring Loaded Quick Release Prop Mounts

phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison test prop fixing

Same motors as the original Phantom 4 but the quick release mount for the props has had a minor but much welcomed change. It now uses a spring over the center pin to help keep the props secure once attached vs the older design which used a thin, crimped metal disk.

Please note that the propellers are still the same. It’s only the mount design on the motor which is different.

Arm Vents

phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison-test arm vents rear sensors

Now for the nitty gritty differences that are purely design changes. The vents under the arms have been redesigned. Previously they used a fine mesh material. Now they use more of a traditional ducted design.

LED Covers

phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison test led covers

Another minor change to the craft is the LED plastic covers on the underside of each motor. I’m yet to fly the craft so i’m not sure if this change has any benefit with regards to visibility or if it’s just a design change.

Grey Propeller Draw String Bag

The draw string bag that holds your propellers is now grey instead or dark grey/black. Not much else I can say on that one. Don’t think it will increase flight time or camera quality.


phantom 4 pro unboxing comparison test camera angle

Before getting silly about the small changes, they key differences to note on the Phantom 4 Pro are the new camera unit, 360 obstacle avoidance and high capacity battery. Overall, very similar form factor to the P4 which isn’t exciting but allows you to keep the same bag or carry case if your an existing Phantom 4 owner. With regards to the unboxing itself though, the expereince and packaging is almost identical to the original Phantom 4 Unboxing, but it’s what’s inside the craft that counts right!?

We’ll be doing a camera test and compassion against the original Phantom 4 as soon as the British weather clears up.



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