DJI Phantom 4 Pro Release and UK Pre-Order

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Hot on the heels of the Mavic Pro unveiling is the release of the Phantom 4 Pro. A refresh of the 7 month old Phantom 4 (which DJI will continue to offer) it features amongst other things an updated camera and expanded array of sensors. We will begin taking pre-orders for the new craft from the 17th November with confirmed shipping dates following shortly after, please see the product page for further details.

What’s new with the Phantom 4 Pro?

At a glance, the Phantom 4 Pro now features:

  • New camera with much larger 1 inch sensor and mechanical shutter
  • Capable of 20MP stills (14FPS burst mode) and 4k video @ 60FPS with a 100Mbit rate.
  • Additional rear vision sensors plus all-new infra red sensors mounted to the sides
  • Allowing a  top speed of 31mph with full obstacle avoidance ability
  • Extended 30 minute flight time
  • An alternative transmitter with built in bright HD display
  • Update suite of on-board flight software including new Tapfly and Activetrack autopilot modes

All-new 20MP integrated camera

Arguably the largest change in the drone is the new larger 1 inch CMOS. Capable of 20 Megapixel stills (with a 14FPS burst rate) the larger sensor promises detailed images and a wider dynamic range. It features a f2.8 to f11 aperture with a 24 mm (35mm equiv) lens. A first for DJI, the camera features a mechanical aperture which promises to eliminate shutter roll. Alongside this, the onboard processor now supports H.264 4K videos at 60fps or H.265 4K at 30fps, both at a stunning 100Mbps bitrate.

Five directions of obstacle sensing


Expanding on the vision sensor array, the Phantom 4 now sports an addition stereo set of vision sensors placed on the back of the legs. Further widening the network infrared sensing systems have been integrated into the sides of the craft body. These sensors have a horizontal field of view of 70° and a vertical field of view of 20° with a maximum range of 23ft (7m). All told the quadcopter can sense obstacles from five directions and actively avoid obstacles from four of those. The return-home flight mode takes advantage of this extra data, dynamically avoiding obstacles whilst returning along its flightpath until signal is regained.

Revised Intelligent Flight Modes


Activetrack now supports a new autopilot modes that you may have seen on the Mavic Pro. Profile mode for horizontal tracking of targets, Spotlight tracking to lock to a subject whilst flying in any direction and finally Circle which flies 360 degrees around the subject.  Tapfly now offers a reverse mode making it ideal for aerial selfies and the new Gesture mode also makes an appearance. New Draw mode allows users to pen a route on their display for the drone to follow whilst either keeping the camera fixed forward or allowing free-look to assist in directing shots.

Refined flight efficiency

DJI are now claiming a potential flight time of 30 minutes approximately 7% longer than the standard Phantom 4. In addition to this the craft can now fly 10mph faster in P mode.

DJI Crystalsky ultra-bright Integrated Monitor


Viewing what your drone is seeing has always been complicated, especially in bright environments. DJI have addressed this issue with an optional integrated display transmitter. Featuring a 5.5 inc full HD (1920×1080px) display, more than twice as bright as most tablets (1000 cd/m2) you will have no issues even in direct sunlight. Its also worth noting that this revised controller features a HDMI port as standard and promises a battery life of 5 hours.

Order the most advanced Phantom to date

Whereas the air frame and flight dynamics progressed from the Phantom 3, this pro model really is a huge step forward in terms of image quality. We feel there is nothing to touch it in terms of image quality and flight accessibility that is ready to go right out of the box.

DJI is promising short lead times on the Phantom 4 Pro and we cannot wait to get our hands on one for a full test.

The Phantom 4 Pro starts at £1,589 with the standard remote control, rising to £1,819 for a Phantom 4 Pro with the ultra-bright integrated monitor on the controller. Both ship inside the basic carry case with one intelligent battery, transmitter,  multi-purpose charger, 16GB micro SD card, a host of usb cables and manuals.

As the foremost retailer for DJI products you can be confident that your Phantom 4 Pro order will be shipped as soon as stock arrives. Place your Pre-Order today via our product page.



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