DJI Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced

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The Phantom 3 from DJI combines the latest technology in the UAV industry and packs it in to an incredibly stable, easy to fly package. We were there at the live launch event in London to #experiencewonder (DJI’s name for the event). ​DJI has announced 2 new models, the Phantom 3 Advanced at £899 and the Phantom 3 Professional at £1159. These quadcopters will supercede the existing Phantom 2 Vision+ and feature some incredible improvements.


What Are The Key Features Of Both Models?

Phantom-3-Remote-ControllerUpgraded Data/HD Video Link

Both models feature Lightbridge technology as standard, which allows truly stunning live-views of everything your

camera sees while its flying. These models also include an upgraded transmitter, that allows a 1.2mile range and customizeable buttons for easy camera control.

Optical Flow And Ultrasonic Sensor

The Phantom 3 has also inherited the vision positioning sensors from the larger Inspire quadcopter. This allows the Phantom 3 to fly indoors without GPS, low to the ground and hold its position much more accurately.



APP With Flight Logging

The Phantom 3 also inherits the ‘DJI Pilot’ App that is used by the Inspire 1. This App allows tremendous control of your aircraft, and on the Phantom 3 can auto-take off and land your Phantom 3 with great precision.

So should I buy the Phantom 3 Advanced or Professional?


Well that depends, for stills both are very similar, however for videos the Phantom 3 Professional can record in 4K @ 30fps. See the headings below for the key differences between the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional.

Camera Quality

Both models feature incredible improvements in camera performance, the GoPro style fish-eye is gone and the new larger lens with aspherical elements which captures incredible videos with no distortion, perfect for professional users.

The Phantom 3 Advanced records in 1080p HD quality, whereas the Phantom 3 Professional can record in 4K at up to 30FPS. In our opinion both are great aircraft and an improvement over the Phantom 2 Vision+. However which should you buy? It is all down to your budget and camera requirements. If you can afford it and want ‘the best’ the Phantom 3 Professional will capture high end 4K video which looks fantastic as long as you have the equipment to watch it back. However the Phantom 3 Advanced still features all the upgrades on the Pro model minus the 4k camera.

Colour Schemes

Following in Apple’s footsteps, the models have been differentiated by gold and silver livery. The gold colour denotes the Professional model while the silver is reserved for the Phantom 3 Advanced.



One small but noteworthy difference is the fast charger that is included with the Pro model, exclusive to this model is a 100w fast charger which has plenty of power to fast charger your battery.


We have been very impressed with the Phantom 3, never before has all this technology been combined in to such an easy to fly package. It is clear that this is not just a “refresh” to the Phantom range, this is a complete overhaul of the technology on board. The combination of Lightbridge technology with the new flight controller will make the overall flying experience far better for the end user.

Want to buy one from RC Geeks?

It’s always a wise idea to purchase products such as this from professionals, RC Geeks have years of experience with quadcopters and aerial photography systems, and are a highly regarded partner of DJI Innovations. Should you have any queries on the Phantom 3 range please get in touch via e-mail or phone on 01737 457404.

Fore more details on these aircraft, please see our Phantom 3 page.



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