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Helmet Mounted Extension

The recent release of the Osmo+ has seen an explosion in popularity of the stabilized camera. Many of our customers coming from the GoPro ‘ecosystem’ have expressed an interest in more varied mounting solutions.  Thankfully DJI have responded with some great new products an in this blog we introduce the sticky mount, chest mount, extension lead and the all new Z-Axis for the RAW camera.

The focus of these mounts is for hands-free operation, but remember you can still control the majority of your Osmo’s features on your smartphone via the WiFi link when the Osmo is out of physical reach.

Osmo Sticky Mounts

Probably the most sought-after mount, the sticky mount with its quick release base enables you to mount your Osmo to nearly any hard surface. In the box you get three double sided adhesive boards (one of which is flat, the other two curved), three double-sided adhesive sheets, a quick release mount and a quick release base.

Screw the quick release mount into the side of your Osmo and slide it into the quick release base, finally tighten the screw on the base and flip the latch to firmly secure the Osmo in place.

Osmo Mount Sticky As with the GoPro this means you can mount your Osmo (at your own risk) to a crash helmet, motorbike, snowboard, skis and pretty much any smooth hard surface.  You can pick your sticky mount up here.

Osmo Mount to Helmet

Obviously there are times where you aren’t going to want to mount the entire Osmo (handle and all) in the line of fire, but thankfully DJI have thought of this. . .

Osmo Gimbal Remote Extension

This decouples the handle from the gimbal several feet, allowing you to use them apart from each other. The female receiver has a tripod-threaded rose mount on the rear so it can be hard mounted.

Osmo Mount gimbal extension cable

Combined with the above sticky mounts you can  now affix your Osmo gimbal and camera to a crash helmets, fairings and more to get a unique point of view.


Osmo Mount Helmet with Extension

Considering the bulk of the handle, we can see this being a popular addition to many of the mounts shown here. You can order your Osmo gimbal remote extension today.

Osmo Chest Strap Mount

Another mount popular with the GoPro crowd is the chest mount. Ideal for shooting cycling videos, skydiving videos and more, the chest mount enables you to fix the Osmo to your center mass. It can be adjusted to sit to the right or the left of your breast plate and could theoretically be mounted to point backwards.

Osmo Mount Chest Strap

Again we would recommend combining this with the remote extension to minimise the weight hanging off of your chest and to keep the grip out of the way.  Order your Osmo chest strap mount today.

Osmo Pro/Raw Z-Axis

If you have seen our hands-on review of the Z-Axis you will know what this Osmo mount it is capable of. A sprung lever, it dampens the vertical oscillations that occur when walking, noticeably reducing ‘camera bob’ when moving. This is more of the same, although specifically configured for use with the heavier X5/RAW cameras.

Osmo Mount Z-Axis Raw

We can see this offering some great footage for marathon, fell or even free runners although it must be noted that it is not designed for ‘extreme’ movements. You can order yours now.

Osmo Mount : Grab your mounts today

The new DJI Osmo mounts are available to order in our store today.

These mounts are really going to open up the possibilities for shooting with the Osmo, but as always we advise you exercise caution with your camera gear; Remember that the Osmo isn’t dust or water resistant!

Are you looking for a specific mounting solution? Perhaps you have a great idea of how to mount your Osmo! Let us know, leave your comments below.



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