DJI Mavic Mini pre-order and UK release information

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Buy your Mavic Mini today!

It has been a little over a year since DJI released the Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom and many have been awaiting a new drone announcement. Today (following several leaks) they have returned to the market with a new folding quadcopter. Aimed at more casual drone users such as holiday makers and those not looking to register their drone with regulatory bodies, we bring you the Mavic Mini.

Mavic Mini at a glance

  • 249g ultralight folding quadcopter
  • 30 minute maximum flight time
  • 4km HD video transmission range
  • Downwards vision sensor and GPS receiver for precise hover
  • 2.7K quad HD camera on a 3-axis actively stabilised gimbal
  • New user-friendly companion smartphone app

How much does the Mavic Mini cost?

The Mavic Mini will launch in the UK with a price of £369 for the base drone (ready-to-fly, including battery) and the Fly More Combo (with extra batteries, case etc) will cost a little extra, £459.

When is it available?

The Mavic Mini is now available on our webstore. You can pre-order the Mavic Mini on our webstore today. We are expecting the Mavic Mini to be available in the UK from the 11th November 2019. This will be the initial standard bundle, with shipments of the fly-more combo expected a few weeks later. If you are looking to receive your drone we recommend pre-ordering as soon as possible as orders will be fufilled on a first-come, first served basis.

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How does it compare to other DJI drones?

We’ve put together this comparison chart so you can see where the Mini sits in DJI’s current Mavic range of portable folding quadcopters.

rcgeek Mavic Mini Air Pro comparison compared table

We feel that many will be put off by the ‘lack of 4k recording ability’ (likely a decision to prevent the cannibalisation of Mavic 2 sales) but will reserve our own judgement until we have our hands on the drone.

Who is the Mavic Mini for?

As mentioned, DJI have aimed the Mavic Mini firmly towards casual users. It will be ideal for holiday makers or backpackers looking for a drone that is small enough to carry with them at all times; one that complies with the flight restrictions of many countries. It is also an ideal platform to learn the basics of flight for anyone looking to train to become a commercial drone pilot.

Just how small is it?

Measuring just 140 x 82 x 57 mm, the folded drone is small enough to put in a pocket! Unfolded with the propellers deployed it expands to 245 x 290 x 55 mm. Below you can see how the folded size compares against the other Mavic drones in the lineup, the new Mini is the second from the left.

mavic mini uk launch comparison graphic showing the size of the folded mavic mini against the other mavic drones

With such a small footprint combined with the optional propeller cage/guards and its vision positioning system it should be suitable for indoor flying.

mavic mini uk launch indoor flying

DJI Fly : New smartphone app

Aimed at novices, the new app features flight tutorials, quickly teaching users how to check up on and operate their drone. It includes a fly-spots feature intended to show users the best places to fly a drone to capture awesome photos and videos.

mavic mini uk launch outdoor flying with family

With a revised, cleaner UI, the app promises to streamline the most common user processes. The new in-built editor features templates for editing and sharing videos quicker than ever before.

Mavic Mini Fly More Combo

The standard combo includes the aircraft, gimbal protector, intelligent flight battery, remote controller, micro usb cable, lightning/micro-USB/USB-c controller cables, 6 spare screws, a screwdriver a pair of spare propellers and a pair of spare control sticks.

mavic mini uk launch Fly more combo contents

Also available is a fly more combo including all of the above plus two extra flight batteries, two extra pairs of propellers, a 360° propeller guard and a two-way charging hub.

DJI Mavic 2 : Still the professionals’ choice?

If you are looking for a drone for professional filming/stills capture, the Mavic Mini might not be for you, instead consider the DJI Mavic 2. Available as a large sensor pro model, or with a telephoto zoom lens.

mavic 2 expert opinion

We gave our experiences in the Mavic 2 in our expert review last year. We also tore it down to see what DJI had improved upon from the original drone and also judge its repairability. We also tested the zoom model together with the DJI Racing goggles which we feel is the ultimate aerial inspection combo available on the market.



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