DJI Inspire 2 – QuickSpin Review

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When the Inspire 2 was released, I was surprised to find out that there is still a physical limit of about 320′ left and right of the centre point on the cameras pan axis. I’m not sure what the technical reason behind them not being able to allow continuous panning but they have been able to provide a solution. The QuickSpin.


What is the Quickspin Feature?

The Quickspin is pretty much how it sounds. It quickly rotates the aircraft 360′ to effectively unwind the pan axis on the gimbal. It’s a very neat feature that works regardless of whether the aircraft is static or on the move.

I was intrigued to find out just how good this feature was so we took it for a spin – no pun intended!

In short I was very impressed with how it performed. Here are a few key notes I learnt during my tests:

  • The feature works in all modes (GPS, ATTI, Sport & the intelligent flight modes)
  • It works pretty much seamlessly without disturbing the pilots flight path or require any compensation via the stick inputs.
  • It seems to alternate between the aircraft spinning clockwise then anticlockwise when performing the QuickSpin manually
  •  The aircraft spins on it’s own axis (not on the camera sensors axis). I’ll explain the implications of this further down.


How to Activate QuickSpin

It’s important to note that the QuickSpin feature is not enabled straight out of the box. You must activate it by going into the DJI Go 4 App settings. You can find it under Settings > Aircraft Settings (drone icon) > Advanced Setting > QuickSpin.


The quick spin is triggered automatically when the camera reaches the end point on the pan axis however the pilot can also manually perform the QuickSpin by assigning it to either the C1 or C2 button on the back of the transmitter.

Spins on the Aircrafts Axis

Like I mentioned earlier, the QuickSpin feature spins on the aircrafts vertical axis which is different to the camera sensors axis. In an ideal world the aircraft would rotate around the cameras sensor. However this is only really noticeable if the camera is close to the the subject in which case you may see a slight wobble in the footage. If you are far away from the subject it’s unnoticeable.


Final Thoughts on the QuickSpin Feature

I think it’s a great feature! Obviously it would be preferable for the camera to be able to pan continuously with no limitations but as that’s not the case, this is a great work around and I’m pretty impressed with how it performs. My only qualm with it is the aircraft not spinning around the cameras axis but as the effects of that are only visible when close to a subject I’m sure we can all live with that.



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