DJI Inspire 1 Pro Unboxing

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The new Inspire 1 Pro with Zenmuse X5 camera has landed at RC Geeks.

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new aircraft and more importantly, see how the new camera performs in comparison with the Zenmuse X3 that is included in the original¬†DJI Inspire 1. Unfortunately it’s raining today so we will unbox the Inspire 1 Pro, and review the new camera later in the week.

This unboxing will focus on the differences between this model and the DJI Inspire 1, as we have previously written an article on the Inspire 1 Unboxing. Let’s continue with the Inspire 1 Pro unboxing.

Inspire 1 Pro Carry Case

The Inspire 1 Pro also features the suitcase style foam case from the Inspire 1. It’s dimensions seem identical to that of the previous case.

Inspire 1 Pro Case

DJI have neatly changed the foam insert to allow for the much larger Zenmuse X5 camera to be stored safely in it’s own case within the box. It’s good to see the overall footprint and volume of the case stays the same.

Inspire 1 Pro Case Open

Fully opened there is still plenty of room in the case for another transmitter and several batteries.

Inspire 1 Pro Case Open Wide

Zenmuse X5 Camera

The much larger Zenmuse X5 camera is stored away in it’s own protective box. Pull the lever and it pops open.

Inspire 1 Pro X5 Camera Case

Inside the case you will find the Zenmuse X5 camera with lens pre-attached. Also is a plastic protector which appears to be for protecting the sensor for when the lens is removed. There also appears to be room in the case for a spare lens.

Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse X5 Case Open

Attaching the Zenmuse X5 to the Inspire 1 Pro

It’s very straight forward to attach the camera to the Inspire 1 Pro, the Inspire pro is pre-fitted with the Zenmuse X5 mounting bracket so all you need to do is line up the mount and lock it in to place much like the Zenmuse X3. The only difference being a metal lug further back on the drone that spreads some of the weight out.

Inspire 1 Pro X5 Camera on Table

New Inspire 1 Pro Propellers Locks

Unexpectedly the Inspire 1 Pro features new propellers locks, that seem to be much more slick and secure.

Inspire 1 Pro Motor Mounts

New Inspire 1 Pro Motors

The motors look identical to that of the original Inspire motors apart from the fact that they have “3510H” printed on them. There are is speculation they are a different kv rating, however until we see the specifications we cannot be sure.

The propellers are attached by placing them on the lock and then twisting the edges to lock them in to place. I’m sure these will be available for existing Inspire 1 owners to upgrade at a later date.

Inspire 1 Pro Propellers

Inspire 1 Pro with Zenmuse X5 Camera Fitted

Once attached and powered up the Inspire 1 boots up as expected, the gimbal performs it’s initial calibration and it’s good to go after removing the lens cap. We took a few test photos and are very impressed with the improvement. Pictures are clear and sharp, and we are excited to fully review the camera outside soon when weather permits.

Inspire 1 Pro on table

Extended Legs

The Inspire 1 Pro comes with extended legs to accommodate the larger X5 camera system. For existing Inspire 1 users, these extended leg attachments will come with the X5 mounting kit.

Inspire 1 Pro Extended Legs

Inspire 1 Pro Availability

Availability is sure to be limited to begin with while there is worldwide demand for the Inspire 1 Pro. RC Geeks are specialists in DJI products and always aim to have high volumes of stock of products such as the Inspire 1 Pro and related accessories and spares.

Want to buy one from RC Geeks?

We’d always recommend you buy something of this value from a specialist in DJI products. RC Geeks have years of experience with DJI Innovations products, quadcopters and aerial photography equipment. We are a highly regarded partner of DJI and offer a 1 year warranty on all our products.

If you would like to purchase now, please see the Inspire 1 Pro on our website, if you need more information please email us or call on 01737 457404.



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