DJI Enhanced Safety Features

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We’re pleased to see DJI have enhanced the safety features of their quadcopters. As Michael shows in this video, they are making changes to the no-fly zones built in to their flight systems.

As well as tweaking the exisiting airport no-flight zones and adding more airports to their no-flight list they have added other no-flight zones in certain areas, such as the White House in Washington.

So why have they done this and what are the implications?

1. White House Down

This DJI Phantom was found on the grounds of the White House, and although it caused no harm, it was enough for DJI to update their no-fly zones. They will now include areas of restricted air space such as the area around the White House.


2. Border Crossings

Following on from news reports of drones being used to send contraband across borders, DJI also propose to add borders to their no fly zones. Shown below is an example of the no fly zone between America and Mexico.


Overall we think this is a very positive move by DJI, this sends a great message out to the public that this technology can be used safely and will allow the press to focus more on the many benefits and advantages these aerial platofms will bring in the future.




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