• Xiaomi folding Mi Electric scooter accessories

    The rapid adoption of scooters in our office has meant all our plugs are tied up charging them, but it has also provided an insight into how they integrate into everyday life. With a fleet...

  • Nerf Stryfe Custom Modding Guide

    The Nerf Stryfe – A Brief History The Stryfe is a clip system Nerf Blaster originally released in 2013 as part of the N-Strike Elite series. It’s one of the favorite blasters within the Nerf...

  • Mavic 2 & DJI Goggles : The ultimate pairing in filming, inspections & surveys

    With every new generation of drone, DJI has expanded functionality to push the capabilities of their drones. From remotely tilt-able cameras, to actively-stabilised tilt-able camera gimbals and now to the addition of limited camera pan...

  • Omnicharge Power Bank – A Drone Pilots Experience

    There are many portable powerbanks available from giants such as, Xiaomi, Anker, Ravpower, yet here at RC Geeks we stock Omnicharge. Introduced through a highly successful kickstarter, these flexible intelligent batteries have proved incredibly popular...

  • A Remote Control Car Battery Guide & Overview

    If you are new to RC, the multitude of different batteries and battery charging options might seem daunting. In this blog we take a look at power provision in RC Cars, the battery and charger. We explain how to replace, upgrade and shop for your current model, whilst also looking at reducing charge times. Whilst this is …   Read More

  • Traxxas TRX-4 Brushless Conversion

    Say you love your Traxxas TRX4 as much as we love ours (highly unlikely), what can you do to improve on what is already a fantastic package? Two words, more power! In this blog we look into the benefits of changing from a brushed to brushless power-train and show how you can go about upgrading the …   Read More

  • Eachine Wizard X220S (not X220) Full Setup Guide

    So, you’ve just picked yourself up a brand new Eachine Wizard X220S only to rip open the packaging and discover that the setup instructions are just about non-existent. Not to worry, your good friends here...

  • Q32 : Go faster gears and steering modifications

    Released earlier this year, the Formula Q32 has proved very popular with our customers. The Q32 chassis offers that balance of punchy acceleration and fast steering that is so popular with indoor racers. Back in February we looked at circumventing the whole battery charge time issue (and also took the chance to fit an FPV camera and transmitter) …   Read More

  • Makerfire Brushless Tiny Whoop : Binding and Configuring tutorial

    Finding your Tiny Whoop a little on the slow side? Well Makerfire are back with two brushless Tiny-Whoop style quadcopters and these things are fast! The new drones offer incredible performance but are less accessible to FPV racing beginners. As such we have put together this bind and fly guide for the two brushless tiny whoops, …   Read More

  • DJI Mavic Dual Remote Controller Mode

    A few weeks ago DJI released a new feature called Dual Remote Controller Mode. This allows you to use two remotes to control the drone although the master controller has priority and can override the secondary (also known as slave) controller inputs. This is ideal for training scenarios where a new pilot can fly the Mavic while …   Read More