• The Kyosho Mini-Z Drift and Race RC Car Range

    Order a Kyosho Mini-Z RC car today! Kyosho Mini-Z are a new way of looking at RC Cars. These mini-scale models mix die-cast level details with spec-chassis performance. Ready-to-run (requiring only AAA batteries) they make...

  • 2019 New York City Drone Film Festival Winners

    The NYC Drone film festival has become an annual celebration of drones. It’s great to see quality piloting and cinematography being recognised on an international stage. We find the competition both exciting and inspiring in...

  • New UK Drone Legislation – Explained

    Looking to buy a drone? Browse our store As I’m sure you’re well aware by now, The Government recently announced a refresh of the laws governing the flying of drones in the United Kingdom, following...

  • The Year in Photos : 2018

    2018 saw us break records for both article readership and commenting, thanks for getting involved! Lets take a quick look back through our extensive archive of images to bring you 2018 : Our year in...

  • The EPIC Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Reviewed

    The latest jewel in the Traxxas crown is this, the Unlimited Desert Racer. With this halo model Traxxas have opted for ‘scale realism’ rather than outright extreme performance, providing the owner with a fantastic miniature ‘real life’...

  • DJI Mavic Air pre-order and UK release information

    There have been rumours for the past few months that DJI were close to releasing a new product, and leaks earlier this week pointed to a new quadcopter. Today on January the 23rd in New York the DJI Mavic Air was officially announced to the world. Update 30th January 2018 DJI Mavic Air White and …   Read More

  • DJI Zenmuse X7 : Cinema grade camera system released for the Inspire 2

    DJI have announced the X7, a compact Super 35 camera/gimbal system, pitched at high-end filmmakers. It offers cinema-grade video resolution and image quality and is designed for use with the DJI Inspire 2. It features an all-new 24MP CMOS sensor capable of 14 stops of dynamic range offering incredible detail. The new camera supports both …   Read More

  • Hands on the DJI Spark Colours at the UK launch event

    At the end of May DJI invited us along to Brocket Hall in Hatfield for a unique opportunity to get our hands on the all-new Spark drone. In this blog i’ll share my experiences using and piloting the craft in the multiple flight modes available. I’ll also run through each element of the system with detailed photos …   Read More

  • DJI Spark pre-order and UK release information

    This afternoon was the much-awaited DJI Spark release. The much-leaked drone was officially announced during their #SeizeTheMoment event, live from Grand Central Station in New York. The DJI Spark release marks a new direction from DJI, pushing their accessible and safe hardware towards the average consumer for casual use at a much more palatable price point. That said the …   Read More

  • DJI Goggles for Mavic Pro FPV

    DJI Goggles for Mavic, what next?  On the 27th  September, the new Mavic was announced. But that wasn’t the only thing to get excited about.  DJI also announced the beginning of a new product. DJI Goggles. A wearable, wireless video goggle headset giving you a live HD video feed of what your DJI Mavic is seeing.   Read More