Arrma RC First-look : Designed fast, designed tough

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Arrma RC Cars

Arrma RC offer robust performance products, hitting that sweet spot in the midrange sector of genuine ‘hobby-grade’ without the high price tags associated with say Traxxas or HPI Racing models.

Whilst Arrma have been around for many years, this is the first time we have stocked the models, so lets take a look at our first picks. All the cars in this article are ready to run, feature waterproof electronics and include the peace of mind of a 2 year limited warranty.

Arrma Fazon Voltage Truck

This model makes for an excellent starter RC car, capable both on and off road, with a 25mph top speed ideal for for beginners trying to hone their driving skills whilst having fun. The truck comes ready to run with the transmitter, 2S car batteries and battery charger included.

arrma fazon voltage mega srs green dirt

At 40cm long with a height of 15cm, the truck has a long and low appeal to it its looks. The slotted front tyres and treaded rears make it ideal for use on varied loose surfaces. The rear-wheel-drive powertrain will challenge your driving skills as a rear bias to the weight distribution sets you up for some great slides.

arrma fazon voltage mega srs skatepark

The battery compartment takes a different, flexible approach compared to many of the competitors. The supplied insert can take a maximum six 18650 cells and is terminated with a deans connector. It will also act as a spacer to hold a standard 7.2v Nimh pack in place. In fact you can do away with the insert and even fit several variations of popular hard-packs.

The model itself includes two 1500MAh Li-Ion batteries and a trickle charger. These 18650 size cells are widely available everywhere from eBay to the high street thanks to the rise of nicotine vapourisers.

arrma fazon voltage mega srs battery in use

These batteries are inexpensive and more and more people have chargers for them already in their homes. You can run the model on the supplied two or supplement extra pairs to bring the system up to 4 or 6 to extend your runtime.

arrma fazon voltage mega srs aio esc

Arrma’s MEGA SRS (yes really) ESC is mounted above the battery compartment and supports 7.4V (2S) Li-Ion batteries, 7.4V (2S) LiPo and also 6-7 cell NiMH batteries (with low-voltage cutoff protection) as long as they the correct deans/T- connector on the end. Combining the on-board electronics with an all-in-one brushed-ESC/Receiver allows them to offer the model at a low price without compromising on performance. The unit is waterproof with an aluminium heat sink, rubber seals, short antenna and both a 5pin and 3pin servo plugs feature a 5v/1amp BEC supply.

arrma fazon voltage mega srs motor

A rear wheel drive chassis, the Fazon is powered by a mid-mounted 20T 540 brushed motor that will push the model to a top speed of 25mph. The chunky composite gears and metal dogbones should back-up Arrma’s ‘built tough’ title and should see the model through some challenging terrain.

arrma fazon voltage mega srs transmitter

Steering is handled by a Arrma ADS-5 SRS, a 5kg waterproof steering servo mounted at canted angle along with the rest of the front suspension components. The included transmitter is a basic affair with the usual trims and using 2.4Ghz transmission tech it should be reliable enough in use.

arrma fazon voltage mega srs suspensionIts great to see height-adjustable, oil-filled shock-absorbers at this price point, allowing some level of setup adjustment to tune the car to the drivers preferences. The resulting package is a great model designed to be used and abused in all weathers.

With everything included, is is difficult to beat this package at such a low price-point. The Arrma Fazon Voltage Mega SRS 1/10 RTR 2WD Truck is available in green on our webstore here. All you will need to get driving are 4xAA batteries for the transmitter!

arrma fazon voltage mega srs green sliding

Arrma Granite Brushed Monster Truck

The Granite is an off-road all-wheel drive monster truck that arrives fully-built and ready to run. Included is a TTX300 2.4GHz radio system, ADS-5 servo, MEGA ESC, 2400mAh 8.4V 7-cell NiMh battery and (trickle) wall charger. Arrma also include a multi-tool and three hex wrenches (1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm) to keep it running perfectly.

At 43cm long, 34cm wide and nearly 20cm tall, this is a sizeable model that, thanks to its powerful drivetrain and high ride height, is capable of some rough terrain. It features a 4×4 drivetrain and big chunky wheels and tyres positioned to the edges of the vehicle for stability and extra climbing capability.

The high-sided moulded composite bathtub chassis protects the electronics and drivetrain, minimising the dirt and debris that enter the chassis. Telescopic driveshafts in the front, rear and centreline transmit drive from the slipper clutch to each wheel. Arrma have employed a mix of composites, metal and plastic components to put the granite together. They have focused the use of expensive materials to the areas of highest load, such as the shock towers, to maximise reliability.

arrma granite bathtub chassis

The Granite has been designed for ease of maintenance with both front and rear differentials easily accessible for servicing. The high-torque 550 sized 12 turn brushed motor is mid mounted opposite the battery for excellent weight distribution.

Arrma have also designed an easy-access power module assembly that can be removed from the vehicle in a matter of seconds. Undoing one screw and compressing the telescopic propshaft allows the unit to be lifted out. Whilst this isn’t something that we’d regularly do, it does make swapping the motor out for an upgrade incredibly simple. They have also designed the transmission so that the slipper clutch can be adjusted in situ! You compress back the propshaft, attach their Y-shaped tool over the output shaft and rotate.

The main differentials are huge with large pitch gears designed to withstand the torque of the motor. The internal gears are strong metal straight cut units.

Continuing the modular approach, the electronics module assembly can be removed from the vehicle by undoing 5 screws. This unit has the ESC, steering servo and servo saver all mounted to it and the reciever sits underneath in the waterproof box.Whilst the electronics are waterproof, we can see this coming in handy should you wish to ‘deep clean’ your model.

The ESC is terminated with the T-plug (deans connector) and the tray will accept a (2-Cell LiPo or 7-Cell NiMh) battery no bigger than 156 x 51 x 48mm.

The included coil-over shocks are oil filled and leave the factory setup for varied terrain. The units are an inverted designed, keyed into the spring perch at the top and include guards to protect the springs at the bottom. Arrma claim these units are a patent pending self-bleed design that will be simple to maintain.

Arrma have bundled a tactic TTX300 transmitter and TR326 receiver to handle steering duties. The Transmitter is of resaonable quality with a nice feel to the steering wheel input.

The waterproof 5kg steering servo is fitted with a servo saved and mounted to the electronics box at the front of the chassis. It features markings for assisting resetting the centre-point, stamped into the mouldings on the bottom.

The Granite features dBoots Fortress MT tyres pre-mounted to big multi-spoke wheels. These should be good for dust, dirt and tarmac but might struggle in sand and snow. you can see them and the bespoke ‘yoke’ design diff setup below.

arrma granite drivetrain diff tyres

Overall it shows a model that has been designed in a thoughtful fashion to improve both performance and maintenance, for a complete ownership experience.

The Granite’s Monster truck style design style is a timeless favourite and always popular at christmas time. The Arrma Granite 4×4 Mega Brushed Monster Truck is available in green as or with a vibrant red bodyshell as picture above on our webstore here. Again all that is needed are 4xAA batteries for the transmitter.

Arrma Senton Brushed Short Course Truck

If you aren’t a fan of the Monster Truck styling but like the spec-list and price of the Granite, there is an alternative, the Arrma Senton 4×4 Mega short course truck!

arrma senton red

The Senton carries all the features of its big Granite monster truck brother, but in a shallower bathtub tray chassis, set to run at a lower ride height.

arrma senton bathtub chassis electronics in situ

Moulded plastic bumpers extend the chassis under the body, jutting out at the edges of the shell to protect it from light impacts.

arrma senton blue spray

The Senton also uses 5 spoke wheels wrapped in narrower tyres with less tyre wall.

So if you prefer the short course styling, you can pick up the Arrma Senton on our webstore in either Blue/Black or Red/Black body liveries.

Arrma Senton Brushless 6S BLX Short Course Truck

If you like the look of the short course truck, we also offer its ‘supercharged’ sibling, the 6S BLX edition.

Whilst it may looks similar on the outside, everything under the skin has changed. With this much power on tap (and with the right motor pinion) the Senton 6S is capable of over 60mph!

A revised body-shell with updated matte paint scheme, decals, rear aero vents and (removable) clear spoiler is included, which even has its own integral body clip saver straps. Inside the body is supported with a new upper brace as well as solid shock tower supports.

arrma senton 6s shell

Red-anodised metal parts adorn much of the chassis, lower arms and hubs; Strengthening and bracing any area that will take the brunt from a hard landing. The components bolt down to a 3mm thick anodised metal chassis plate for extra protection.

Shock cap protectors connect sit ontop of red-anodised adjustable (including preload) suspension struts. Front and rear gearboxes are strengthened, the drive system has been revised with a large centre diff feeding the front and rear units via solid driveshafts.

The upgraded, waterproof electronics are the business end of the package. Gone is the all-in-one electronic setup, moving to a more traditional distributed system. A BLX185 ESC is included in the pack with its three-mode throttle profile (forward/reverse/brake), cooling fan and thick 10AWG wiring to cope with the high current draws. The BLX 2050kV brushless motor provides speed and torque and is the perfect partner for the ESC. The motor features gold bullet connectors and an aluminium-finned body to assist in cooling. Lastly the servo is a 15KG metal gear unit that is more suited to the abuse the car was designed to put up with.

This strategy of offering a heavily factory-upgraded model is a favourite of Traxxas’ and we are glad to see Arrma follow suit. Whilst it does cost over £200 more than the base model Senton, the modified parts easily worth that if not more.

arrma senton 6s jumping

The substantially upgraded Senton 6S is available on our webstore here. Remember you will need a couple of XT90 3S batteries (ideally 35C 5000mAh ones) to make the most of it and a charger suitable for them!

Arrma Typhon Brushless Buggy

If you can’t quite stretch to the Senton Brushless then you could always consider the Typhon 6S. This beast of a 1/8th scale buggy measures 51cm long, 19cm tall with a wheelbase just under 33cm!

arrma typhon gravel frontAs per Arrma’s built tough moniker and like the Senton 6s, the Typhon features a 3mm thick anodised aluminium chassis, three full-metal geared differentials, beefy suspension components and steel driveshafts throughout.

arrma typhon gravel rear

The hard wearing dBoots tyres come pre-installed on the big wheels and are a good compromise for a variety of terrain. Using a standard 17mm hex size means the hubs are compatible with a variety of aftermarket wheels.

Arrma’s BLX electronics allow for two XT90 terminated cells to be hooked up for maximum power and performance. The waterproof ESC features a fan, thick wiring and gold motor connectors. The 15kg metal-gear waterproof servo comes fitted with a servo saver and is ideal for the job. The battery tray is secured with velcro and adjusts in height to accept cells up to 158 x 48 x 51mm in size.

The beefy shock absorbers are adjustable for height and preload plus feature dust ingress protection for peace of mind in the desert or at the beach. Much like the Senton it includes a set of cross wrenches and hex wrenches for maintenance as well as a spare 16T pinion gear. At half a kilo lighter than the Senton 6S, the Typhon definitely feels faster off of the line and quicker into corners.

You can pickup the Arrma Typhon BLX 1/8 4WD Brushless Buggy from our webstore here. Remember you will need a pair of 2S or 3S LiPo’s (ideally 35C 5000mAh with XT90 connectors) a suitable charger and 4xAA batteries (for the transmitter) on to run it.

RC Geeks – Off Road RC Fans

Overall, we have been really impressed with this first selection of Arrma RC cars and will be looking to expand our offering into the beginning of the new year. Are there any models in particular that you are interested in? Why not leave us a message in the comments below!

You can find our complete selection of Arrma cars on our webstore or learn more about Arrma RC on their excellent website. We also stock fantastic RC cars from Traxxas, HPI Racing, FTX and Maverick so there is something available for everyone’s budget.

Are you undecided on what RC car to buy? Check out our buying guide here for an introduction, terminology and even suggestions on what to buy! Also feel free to ask for advice via our contact form or in our comments section below.

Please note: The waterproofing comments made in this article refer to the Receiver, Servo and Electronic Speed Controller which are encased in watertight chassis. Please be aware that water can still cause damage to the motor if the car is submerged and not maintained correctly.



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