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RC Geeks @ Golding Barn Raceway

Following on from our previous Phantom 3 Un-boxing blog, we wanted to get hands-on and really test the performance of the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 in a real world scenario.

We wanted to test the 4k capabilities of the drones and the opportunity arose when we were invited along to Golding Barn Raceway motorcross track to record a practice session of their riders on a very hot Thursday!

Golding Barn Raceway

Golding Barn Raceway is a fantastic circuit situated in picturesque valley in the South Downs. It proved to be an excellent location for filming due to not only its landscape but also the friendliness of the riders and staff.

Golding Barn Raceway

Show us the 4k video!

So after a day of filming we ended up with several super smooth aerial shots around the track. We edited these together and combined with some music from bedhed we ended up with the finished article below.

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