• 3Racing Sakura D3 CS Build – Part 3

    This is the third post in a series, see here for part 1 or here for part 2. For a larger, more detailed look at the images, click the photos With the core electrics in place, it’s time to make the finishing touches to the car to get it running.     Read More

  • 3Racing Sakura D3 CS Build – Part 2

    See here for Part 1. For a larger, more detailed look at the images, click the photos. Here at RC Geeks we have a wide range of hop ups for the Sakura D3. Originally I had intended to build the car with the base kit but when so many components interlock it made more sense …   Read More

  • 3Racing Sakura D3 CS Build – Part 1

    My love for drifting began with a poorly modified Tamiya TA03 some 5 years ago. With limited success, I have more recently decided to go for a kit that was actually designed for drifting. The3Racing Sakura D3 CS Sport is just that, offering great adjustability for a surprisingly low entry price. It’s worth noting that RCGeeks …   Read More

  • 3Racing Sakura D4 AWD Build Overview

    The original 3Racing Sakura D3 took the RC drift scene by storm with it’s counter-steer setup, great customisability, massive range of hop up parts and of course, great drifting performance. So how do you improve on such a successful recipe? Simple. Introducing the Sakura D4…   Read More

  • 3Racing Sakura D4 Drift Car Coming Soon!

    Update: Now in stock, please click here to see the new models. The next generation of drift car from 3Racing, the Sakura D4 has finally been announced and is coming soon! The Sakura D4 is going to be available in two options. The all-wheel-drive (AWD) and the rear-wheel-drive (RWD).   Read More

  • 3Racing Sakura IX Sport Touring Kit Overview

    3Racing offer this fantastic budget dual-belt driven chassis for racing.  Expanding our relationship with 3Racing, we have started stocking their Sakura XI Sport Touringchassis. Taking data from the Zero, S, Xi DH and the Ultimate, the new chassis offers fantastic adjustability and access for maintenance for the budget. Below is a quick rundown of some …   Read More

  • Kyosho Fazer T1 Toyota Supra : Ready-to-Run RC Drift car reviewed

    Order your very own Toyota Supra Drift RC car today! The world of ready-to-run RC...