5 Reasons why you should own a drone

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Drones, quadcopters or UAV’s, whatever you call them, you will have found it hard not to hear much about them over the last year. DJI stand out from the crowd and lead innovation in this field, from the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ to the DJI Inspire.


Whether it is in the paper, on Youtube or on TV, quadcopters are everywhere! What is all the fuss about and should you own one? We of course think you should, and have compiled these 5 reasons why you should own a drone.

1. Taking Dronies

A dronie is pretty much a selfie, but taken from a flying drone. They may be either a picture or a short video, often emphasising the unique perspective you get from the air.

2. See Breath Taking Landscapes

See the world from above and capture fantastic photos from a birds-eye-view. This photo below was taken from the Phantom 2 Vision+ in Surrey.


3. Technology Innovation

Be at the forefront of technology with the coolest gadget around. Quadcopters have taken the world by storm over the last couple of years and are now more advanced and affordable than ever. Take a look at Pix4D, a tool created to map environments with your Phantom 2 Vision+.

4. FPV Racing

Race your friends through the woods with an FPV racer. Gaining more and more popularity, these extremely fast and agile aircraft are designed to be flown with the aid of first-person-viewgoggles.


5. Be the envy of all your friends

Seriously, have you seen how cool the Inspire looks?


I welcome all comments below from anyone willing to offer other reasons on why you should own a drone!





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