3Racing Sakura IX Sport Touring Kit Overview

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3Racing offer this fantastic budget dual-belt driven chassis for racing. 

Expanding our relationship with 3Racing, we have started stocking their Sakura XI Sport Touringchassis. Taking data from the Zero, S, Xi DH and the Ultimate, the new chassis offers fantastic adjustability and access for maintenance for the budget. Below is a quick rundown of some of the features.

Center front body support to ensure your shells hold their shape at high speeds.KIT-SAKXIS_02

The chassis has adjustable ride height from its threaded shock bodies and also has universal driveshafts all around.


Constructed of FRP, the lower plate is 2.5mm thick with a 2.0mm thick upper plate to minimise chassis flex. A redesigned motor mount for the lowest possible center of gravity.


An adjustable chassis mounted front belt stabilizer ensures smooth belt action and eliminates potential skipping under heavy braking.


Race grade differential (as found in the Sakura Ultimate) for maximum performance and durability.


The Composite Bulkhead Diff Covers features an Aluminium Torsion Strut to assist in chassis rigidity giving the Sakura XI sport superior cornering reactions.


Adjustable battery mounts with velcro straps. You can now move the battery position by adding or removing spacers on the four mounting points to ensure perfect side to side balance each time whilst using a velcro strap to hold the battery down.


A new tougher composite servo horn reduces play, improving steering accuracy. The steering components give the XI the same steering geometry as the Ultimate chassis.


Ultra smooth drive belts maximise the drivetrain’s efficiency.


If you have purchased a kit from us, we’d love to see your build so post a link in the comments section to some photos.

As with the Sakura D3 CS, we are looking at stocking spares and hop-ups for the XI so please get in touch if you are looking for anything specific.



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