3Racing Sakura D4 Drift Car Coming Soon!

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Update: Now in stock, please click here to see the new models.

The next generation of drift car from 3Racing, the Sakura D4 has finally been announced and is coming soon!

The Sakura D4 is going to be available in two options. The all-wheel-drive (AWD) and the rear-wheel-drive (RWD).

Sakura D4 Models

Both of these models are a good step up from the previous model the Sakura D3. We have found out both models of the D4 has a re-designed chassis which now sits lower and gives it a better driving experience. This and other noticeable high quality components show the D4 is going to be a well upgraded next generation of Sakura drift car.

3racing have already also announced there will be plenty of upgradable parts for both of these models. Aluminium motor plates and Aluminium upper deck mounts are some of these parts already confirmed.



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