3Racing Sakura D3 CS Build – Part 3

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This is the third post in a series, see here for part 1 or here for part 2. For a larger, more detailed look at the images, click the photos

With the core electrics in place, it’s time to make the finishing touches to the car to get it running.



Picking up on step 11, we install the monster of a plastic diffuser on the rear of the chassis. Then the rear body posts are installed at the top of the graphite shock tower.


Up front the foam bumper and integrated body posts are installed.


A quick side shot to show the extended length and height that these changes have caused before fitting the wheel hubs.


Finally the deep dish wheels are fitted, a square setup all the way around.


The style suits the drift nature of the car but we aren’t  fans of the colour. It clashes somewhat with the pink wheel nuts.


The ESC is taped down to the opposing side of the chassis to the servo to maintain a balance and leave room for wiring.

The receiver is then wired up and taped to the top of the servo , before the power switch is taped to side of the chassis tray.

Finally the battery is slipped into place and plugged in.


A few shots of the completed chassis.




Over the next few weeks we will be experimenting with the car. Plans are afoot for differential and steering system hop-ups before setting the car up for indoor carpet-based drifting.

Stay tuned for further blogs regarding the Sakura, with some cosmetic modifications such as wheels, body and brake kits on the way.



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