3D Light FX Deco Wall Light Review and Fitting

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3DLight FX 3D Deco light review nightlight child bedroom
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3DLight FX produce some great looking, officially licensed lights from Disney, Star Wars, Universal, Warner Bros, the Marvel universe and beyond. These products bring your child’s favourite characters to life on their bedroom wall and as a bonus, some can act as a timed nightlight. In this article we take a look at the models on offer and walk you through the installation process.

What are these Deco lights?

These wall mounted units make ideal cordless nightlights for children. Operating from AA or AAA batteries the internal LED lamps are highly-efficient and ensure the housings are cool to touch. With their easily accessible small switches, they can be turned on and off with ease. Requiring only AA batteries and a drill, they are simple to fit with wall guide and wall plugs included.

3DLight FX 3D Deco light review fitting star wars death star

What models are available?

As mentioned there are lights available from multiple movie studios. The Hulk fist, Deadpool head, Thor’s hammer, Iron Man mask or hand, Spiderman head or hand, and the Captain America shield seen here from the Marvel universe. Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, Millennium Falcon and the Death Star seen in this article from the Star Wars universe. Warner Bro’s Superman shield, Batman’s bat emblem.

3DLight FX 3D Deco light review fitting studios

Each feature a ‘breakout’ vinyl wall sticker to accentuate the ‘just exploded out of the wall’ look these have. This sticker doubles as a guide, marking the wall ready for drilling. Also included are wall plugs and screws for mounting. Certain models accept AA batteries instead of AAA, please refer to the

Using the Deco lights

The lights are operated by a small switch secluded somewhere, dependant on design. On Captain America’s shield the switch is near the bottom on the rear, whilst on the Death star the switch is situated on the bottom right outer edge.

A few of the 3DLight FX lights feature a timer, the death Star is one of these models and the switch has three positions, on/off/time. We found that in this timer mode our Death Star would power down in a little under 30 minutes, ideal for some background room illumination whilst your child drifts off to sleep.

Fitting the lights to a wall

The usual disclaimer applies : RC Geeks take no responsibility for and damage caused to your 3D Light FX unit or your property as a result of following the steps below.

Ensure you pick a suitable place for the 3DLight FX units. Keep them out of reach of small children and in places where they will not get struck by other furniture such as cupboard doors.

Using a small cross-head screwdriver, remove the battery door and insert the required batteries, taking note of the polarity. With the door and screw refitted, test the unit by flicking the power switch to on. Once you have confirmed your batteries are suitable, you can begin mounting.

What will I need?

Beyond the cross-head screwdriver you will need a drill with a 3/16th inch (or 5mm) drill bit and a hard plastic card such as credit card. Its also advisable to a vacuum cleaner to hand

3DLight FX 3D Deco light review fitting tools needed

Prepare the wall and sticker

Smooth your sticker sheet out on a hard surface. Take note of the orientation of the sticker, our sheet had two ‘orientation suggestions‘ for mounting Captain America’s shield and we opted for position one, using that pair of holes. Peel back the corner of the backing sheet and stick a small area to your wall for a ‘dry run’ fit.

Mount the sticker

Remove the thick waxed-paper backing sheet and stick the top of the sheet to the wall. Using a plastic card, push down on the stylised crack vinyl to affix it firmly to the wall. Finally peel the thin application paper off from the top and slowly peel it straight down, ensuring the vinyl sticker stays on the wall.

Drill the wall, insert the plugs and screws

Our example wall is just a stud plaster board one so we will drill a small pilot hole to help guide it straight before moving up to the larger final drill bit size. Mark your drill bit with some electric tape, matching the length of the included plugs, so you have a visual guide on how deep to drill into the wall.

Sticking a post-it note ‘upside down’ below the marking point is a useful trick for catching any dust. With the plugs installed, screw the included screws in ensuring the heads protrude around 3mm from the wall to hook the light on.

Hook it onto the wall

Using the sticker as a guide, line the light up over the screw heads and gently push it up against the wall. When seated you should be able to slide it down and feel it ‘lock’ into place as the plastic slips behind the screw heads.

3DLight FX 3D Deco light review mounted to the wall

If it feels loose against the wall, remove and tighten the screws into the wall a little more. Double check that the switch works and enjoy your new wall light!

Removing the lights

Whilst the holes in the wall will need to be filled, the light and sticker can be removed from the wall with minimal damage. Use a hair dryer and evenly heat the sticker before picking at the top edge of it. Gently peel down the sticker, heating down as you go to aid the release of the adhesive.

Fitting without drilling the wall

Whilst we would not recommend this, it is possible to mount these lights without drilling, as we have with the Death Star light mounted on our office wall. Weighing 643g with three AA batteries (575g without) this light has been mounted on-top of the vinyl alignment sticker with 3m ‘Command’ picture hanging strips. The Captain America shield featured in this article weighs just 218g with three AAA batteries (183g without) and likely would have held up with a similar solution.

Originally a temporary solution, the Death Star has been fixed to the wall for 6 months now. On a wall that gets shaken by doors or children playing this likely would have been a different situation. To avoid the light falling and breaking, or worst case onto someone, we suggest properly hard-mounting it to a wall with the supplied fixings.

Where can I buy the 3D Light FX 3D Deco lights?

We stock a selection of these lights on our webstore:

3DLight FX 3D Deco light review nightlight child bedroom wide

If you are looking for any of the other models seen on the manufacturers website, drop us a message and we will endeavour to source them for you.

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