• The Latest UK Drone Rules and Regulations

    As the popularity of drone flying increases, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) are constantly working to adapt and develop their rules and regulations to allow users to continue having fun while maintaining a safe environment for the owners, the public and other airspace users.   Read More

  • TobyRich Moskito Smartphone Controlled Plane Review

    We’ve had a lot of fun in the office over the past few weeks flying the new Moskito RC Plane from TobyRich. Plus, I get to call it “work” if I write a blog about it, so here goes…   Read More

  • PolarPro Trekker Backpack Review

    In this review I will look at the PolarPro Trekker drone backpack, and why I purchased one myself! Before the DJI Mavic came about, the DJI Phantom series were considered the most portable camera drone on the market. If you’re like me and are after a comfortable and convenient way of carrying your Phantom around, a …   Read More

  • Eachine Wizard X220S (not X220) Full Setup Guide

    So, you’ve just picked yourself up a brand new Eachine Wizard X220S only to rip open the packaging and discover that the setup instructions are just about non-existent. Not to worry, your good friends here...