• Do I need a filter for my drone?

    We are always looking to improve our drone photos and videos, but can a filter help us do that? What on earth is an ND? Do I need a CPL? In this blog we attempt to answer these questions, taking a look at how using a filter can not only protect your camera but also how …   Read More

  • The Making of the RC Geeks Commercial

    Ever wondered how your RC Geeks orders are fulfilled? At RC Geeks we are ‘about’ #EverythingRC and set about conveying this in a fun promotional video. We had a lot of fun creating our new video with the team at 282 Video; So we thought we’d put together a collection of behind-the-scenes photos, to give you an insight into …   Read More

  • DJI Spark Teardown : What’s Inside?

    Have you ever wondered what makes the new DJI Spark go, but never fancied invalidating your warranty? In the latest in our series of teardowns, we handed our technicians a brand new Alpine White DJI Spark and asked them to find out what was inside.   Read More

  • Q32 : Go faster gears and steering modifications

    Released earlier this year, the Formula Q32 has proved very popular with our customers. The Q32 chassis offers that balance of punchy acceleration and fast steering that is so popular with indoor racers. Back in February we looked at circumventing the whole battery charge time issue (and also took the chance to fit an FPV camera and transmitter) …   Read More